Free Ahok


Last night we attended one of the many rallies around the world in support of former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama. We were in Utrecht, but there were also gatherings in other Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Ede.

Ahok was recently sent to jail for two years, charged with insulting Islam. Since then people came together in places all over the world, in support of Ahok and to express their love and concern for Indonesia.

Work in progress

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Today Nuri started on a new project, treating a table with milkpaint. For that we took the table apart first and then Nuri sanded the parts and started to use the milkpaint on it.

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… and the end result.

Little bride 

Today Nuri went to look for a wedding dress in Boxmeer. Since I’m not supposed to see the dress, after dropping off Nuri, my mom and my mother in law, me and A. went to the city center of Boxmeer to spend some time there. Near the bridal shop we ran into this little statue of the little bride. She stands for all the little brides that take part in the ‘Holy blood procession‘. That is a Catholic procession, dating back to the middle ages that is still being performed to this day.

Want to know more about the Procession of the Holy Blood in Boxmeer? There is a website (only in Dutch, I am afraid) with lots of information about this procession.

How about this weather?

For today the Dutch Royal Metereological Institute, the KNMI, has issued the ‘Code Yellow’ warning: in the east (where we live) there will be lots of thunderstorms and very heavy rainfall in short periods of time. Hail, flurries, all that kind of stuff. Until this all gets unleashed upon us, it can get up to 28 degrees Celsius today.


The KNMI have said that we have to expect more and more of this type of weather from now on: winters will get warmer and summers will get hotter. Higher temperatures, a faster rising sea level… Climate change is not something of the future anymore, it is already here, right now.