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It was a long day…

Today Atta came home from school with three little chickens. A while back the teacher had asked who would want to have some chickens (he had made some deal with a local farmer or something like that) and of course Atta was one of the kids who came home asking if she could have the chickens. We were okay with that.

And so today they came in. We were teasing her with remarks about ayam goreng and how they would taste nice, but had little meat on them and so on. Atta didn’t care. She named her new friends and gave them food and some water and kept an eye on them for the rest of the day.

At night I told her a bedtime story, as we do every night. We were reading a chapter from Annie M.G. Schmidt’s Otje. In it, the girl Otje was talking to a crow who was hungry and wanted to eat Otje’s friends, the mice.

But then crow realized that he knew the mice by name. All of a sudden, he didn’t want to eat the mice anymore. You just don’t eat somebody with a name. Somebody whose name you know is no stranger anymore.

Free Ahok


Last night we attended one of the many rallies around the world in support of former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama. We were in Utrecht, but there were also gatherings in other Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen and Ede.

Ahok was recently sent to jail for two years, charged with insulting Islam. Since then people came together in places all over the world, in support of Ahok and to express their love and concern for Indonesia.

Work in progress

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Today Nuri started on a new project, treating a table with milkpaint. For that we took the table apart first and then Nuri sanded the parts and started to use the milkpaint on it.

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… and the end result.

Today Nuri went to look for a wedding dress in Boxmeer. Since I’m not supposed to see the dress, after dropping off Nuri, my mom and my mother in law, me and A. went to the city center of Boxmeer to spend some time there. Near the bridal shop we ran into this little statue of the little bride. She stands for all the little brides that take part in the ‘Holy blood procession‘. That is a Catholic procession, dating back to the middle ages that is still being performed to this day.

Want to know more about the Procession of the Holy Blood in Boxmeer? There is a website (only in Dutch, I am afraid) with lots of information about this procession.